• Anne Driscoll

Bathroom Re-Org & Spruce

I am a normally tidy person, but my cabinet under my sink was becoming a problem at break-neck speed. I was literally THROWING things under there when I was done with them. Time to reign it in.

As you'll come to know, I am all about systems. If something doesn't work right (meaning it's basically pissing me off at every turn) then heaven help us all until I noodle out how THE F to make it work. This could be considered low-key obsessive but hey, I'm a Sagittarius and I'm nothing if not determined.

Quick Tip: Create systems that will help make getting ready more efficient. Things used often toward the front, like creams, deodorant, brush...things less used like clippers, face masks to the back.

As with all things I do, I ripped everything out of the first cabinet and went to town.

Donation, Toss, Organize.

But first, we must clean...

As someone with a LOT of freaking hair, and a girl of the 80's (re: hairspray!), everything needed a real thorough cleaning. I put down some Gorilla Grip Shelf Liner (grey, of course), and started placing things back. I had this great display for maps that I'd saved from my bookstore (RIP Branches Books) and used that to organize my nail polish, files, etc. I used a little dollar store crate to store my hair dryer & flat iron, and a basket I had left over from a past Easter to hold headbands, special occasion make up, and travel bags.

Finally, I spruced up my husbands drawer. He doesn't love when I mess with his stuff, but he was totally thrilled with how this came out. Success!!! Total time for 3 areas was about an hour & a half and cost under $25.

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