• Anne Driscoll

How to Create a Stunner of a Sandwich

Going to a socially distanced party? Having a get-together with easy-to-grab food items? These sandwiches are a tasty treat for the eyes and stomach!

These sandwiches were literally so simple to make, but they were super popular & gone VERY quickly! I mean, who wouldn't want a cute little sammy wrapped in wax paper & tied with twine.

I used a crusty, fresh baguette and added Boursin Cheese for the spread, breaded chicken, Granny Smith apples and light mayo. I found everything at Trader Joe's, but I know Whole Foods Market & other markets have all the items mentioned here.

After assembling everything, I just wrapped them up (with the husband's help!) and tucked them in this cute serving tray! Boom! Easy, tasty and people were VERY impressed even though I assured them it was easy! This is my favorite thing ever...make something simple seem like you spent 12 days on it, when in reality I took a nap, watched some Bravo and then slammed these suckers together.

I added some cookies in little bags to finish up...a perfect way to safely serve food and you can even take it one step further with the sandwiches and completely wrap them if needed. Enjoy the compliments!

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